Nature Starts Work On Zeppelin Hindenburg Ruins, good omen for new life of LTA airship

Nature Starts Work On Hindenburg Ruins

LAKEHURST, N. J., May 25 OW.—A survivor of the Hindenburg crew espied a mother robin building a nest in the blackened skeleton of the once majestic airship and saw in it a good omen.
Heinrich Bauer visited the mass of charred debris, saw a blue egg in the nest built on a sheltered girder and remarked:
“It is a good omen. The Hindenburg is dead, but from its remains springs new life. So, lighter-than-air craft shall take on a new life.”

Source: New York Evening Post, May 25, 1937, page 11


For more information on airship captain Heinrich Bauer, see the book Mein Vater, Luftschiffkapitän Heinrich Bauer (1902-1979) written by his son Manfred Bauer and edited by Freundeskreis zur Förderung des Zeppelin Museums e.V. and Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen.


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