Gerhard Wolff (1929 – 2012)

Gerhard Wolff passed away peacefully at home on April 23, 2012.

Gerhard was born at Hanover, Germany in 1929 and left Germany in 1941, immigrating to the United States. Stamps played always a significant part in Gerhard’s life, they even helped Gerhard to assimilate into American society. Stamp collecting became his passion and his numerous philatelic and especially aerophilatelic exhibits won many national and international prestigious awards.

Exhibiting brought Gerhard around the world, he almost never missed a good national or international stamp show. He had much fun and enjoyed the philatelic world. Stamp collecting brought him many friendships and he was well connected with the philatelic social life. Gerhard always shared his philatelic treasures and knowledge with others, his fun, excitement and his happy nature was always an enrichment for each stamp show.

Thank you Gerd for so many wonderful and unforgettable moments, it have been great years with you! We miss you.

Gerhard and Diana Wolff aboard the Zeppelin NT cruising over Lake Constance (October 2003)

Gerhard is survived by his wife, Diana May Wolff, two daughters, Karen Hanson and Cheryl Sherman, two son-in-laws, Scott Sherman and Danny Hanson, four grandchildren, Molly and Lexie Sherman and Noah and Greta Sue Hanson, his sister Marian Worton, brother-in-law Edgar Worton, two nieces Deborah Dempsey and Sandra King and a nephew, Marc Worton.

Gerhard’s funeral will be 10 a.m. on Wednesday, April 25 at Temple Emanuel,
10101 Connecticut Avenue, in Kensington, MD.


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