Today in history: LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin at Washington and New York

It was the first commercial Atlantic crossing by air, operated by the famous airship LZ-127 “Graf Zeppelin”. The flight departed Friedrichshafen, Germany 11 October 1928 and after only four days, on 15 October 1928 the airship reached the USA. Coming from the south, the zeppelin flew over Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York to land then in Lakehurst, NJ.


The illustrated postcard was written by zeppelin crew member Albert Lehmann, he was steward on board the airship. The card was dropped from the zeppelin while flying over Washington DC. After the postcard was found on 15 October 1928, the Washington post office stamped the card and forwarded it to the addressee at the Lakehurst Naval Station, the location of the big zeppelin hanger.

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