Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg crash cover from May 6, 1937

Flying from Frankfurt, Germany to Lakehurst, NJ, USA, zeppelin LZ-129 HINDENBURG carried on the 1st North America Flight 1937 a total of 8 mail bags containing 17,609 cards, covers and parcels. When approaching Lakehurst, the airship burst into flames. Only 368 of the 17,609 postal items were salvaged after the crash, most of them in more or less bad condition.

The illustrated postcard survived the crash and was found in the wreckage of LZ-129 HINDENBURG – the picture side of the card illustrates the good old days of airship travel while parts of the card were burnt. The stamp in the top left corner was washed off another postcard and stuck on this card.


Today, crash covers from the 1937 LZ-129 HINDENBURG disaster are rare collectible items.

If you want to learn more about zeppelin mail and zeppelin crash covers, visit the website of the ZEPPELIN STUDY GROUP at http://www.ezep.de/

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