100 years of Swiss aviation

Yesterday (March 10), 100 years ago: The first motor driven airplane took off from Switzerland. A Wright biplane brought in by train flew for five minutes over the frozen St. Moritzersee in Switzerland. The plane was piloted by Paul Engelhard. And 100 years later — Zurich has one of the largest and most modern airports with airline connections to all over the world. And Swiss International Air Lines (Swiss, LX) is one of the few European airlines making profit!

And the Swiss aerophilatelic community?!?! We are waiting for an invitation to join your centenuary festivity…. although German zeppelins had been frequently seen over Switzerland before that first flight with various recorded zeppelin mail drops over Switzerland between 1907 and 1910!!!

Anyhow… Congratulations to Switzerland for a centenuary of aviation!


Photo showing Engelhard in March 1910 flying over St. Moritz area, courtesy of Dokumentationsbibliothek St. Moritz

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