ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL press recognition

The special issue of the ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL about the zeppelin mail forgeries (http://www.ezep.de/zpj/2009ibra.html) gets national and international press recognition:

The Airpost Journal of the American Airmail Society featured the ZEPPELIN POST JOURNAL special issue and the recently discovered zeppelin mail forgeries in their September 2009 issue: Bob Wilcsek´s “Zeppelin Letters” column It was only a matter of time is dealing with the special ZPJ issue and the forgeries. The significance of this topic is underlined by Bob´s seven-page column and by the illustrated forgery on the title page of the Airpost Journal.

Thank you Bob Wilcsek, and also special thanks to Wayne Youngblood (editor of the Airpost Journal) and to the American Airmail Society for joining us in the fight against forgeries!

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