Zeppelin NT D-LZZF online tracking

The zeppelin NT D-LZZF appears on Swiss air traffic radar http://radar.zhaw.ch/radar.html

If you do not see the zeppelin on your current radar screen, the airship is out of radar contact (probaly on the ground). The attached screen shot from today shows the zeppelin D-LZZF flying south of Meersburg into the direction of Friedrichshafen, cruising along the northern lake shore of Lake Constance.

The other aircrafts are:

LX1105 (in the top right corner): This is the Munich-Zurich flight of Swiss Airlines approaching into Zurich. Flight altitude was apprx. 5.000 meters

AF582 at the bottom, south of Romanshorn: This is Air France flying Paris-Amman at 11.000 meters

LH4051 in the left section south of Radolfzell is Lufthansa fying from Florence to Frankfurt at 9.000 meters.

Nice tool to track the zeppelin without looking out of the window…..


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  1. But it must be nicer to track the zeppelin BY looking out the window! :-)

    Those of us without lakes, mountains, and zeppelins are jealous!

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