BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX – online application for exhibitors

BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX has released the revised prospectus for exhibitors with the “Special Regulations for BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX”, the document Beijing-2009-Aeropex-regulations-REVISED.pdf can be viewed and downloaded here .

The most important change of the revised version of the “Special Regulations for BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX” is that now ALL airmail collectors from all over the world are invited and eligible for submitting an application for BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX. A membership in a club or society affiliated with FISA is no longer required.

If your aerophilatelic exhibit has received a Vermeil medal on a national level exhibition and if you are member of an airmail society, then you are eligible to submit an application for exhibiting at BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX.

If you want to exhibit at BEIJING 2009 AEROPEX, you have to submit an application form. You can do this online – this link brings you to the exhibitors page where you can submit your application online! To apply will not take longer then 60 seconds.

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